5 Can't-Miss Titles to Watch on Netflix This March

Netflix / Netflix

Science hasn’t yet confirmed any benefits of binge-watching streaming television. In fact, some early reports have indicated mainlining video can often correlate with obesity, fatigue, and antisocial behavior.

If you plan on curbing your habits, March wouldn’t be a good time to do it. Netflix has just deployed nearly 100 new and catalog films and television shows for consumption. If you’d rather do more watching than researching, check out these five titles that are likely to make you feel fatter and more introverted.


Documentary director Eric Goldfarb spent three years chronicling the lives of several senior athletes ranging in age from 60 to 94, including 81-year-old golfer Gary Player. Player became one of the first putters to embrace physical fitness, squatting 325 pounds before a 1963 U.S. Open at a time when golfers weren’t expected to be that devoted to the weight room. Player joins several other AARP-eligible athletes who could probably break your Millennial neck. (3/1)


As an increasing number of schools begin to struggle with legislation that would evaluate a student’s body mass index (BMI) at regular intervals and send caution letters home about weight, The Student Body examines the issue from all sides, speaking with lawmakers, educators, and enrollees about the impact of being graded on your appearance. (3/25)

3. IRON FIST (2017)

The fourth of Marvel’s initial run of Netflix shows shifts focus to Danny Rand, a man presumed dead who returns to New York fueled by the wisdom and mysticism of Eastern martial arts. Iron Fist’s 13 episodes precede The Defenders, the Netflix team-up show coming later in the year. (3/17)


Netflix continues to raise the bar for acquiring original films that bypass theaters with this sci-fi story about a man (Robert Redford) who is able to provide unequivocal proof of an afterlife. As people worldwide choose an early exit, his son (Jason Segel) tries to navigate a world where the end isn’t really the end. (3/31)


Nicolas Cage fights shark in this true tale of the World War II battleship overrun by carnivores of the deep. (3/25)