Watch a Neuroscientist Explain a Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty

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In this WIRED video, neuroscientist Bobby Kasthuri explains the concept of a connectome to a series of people with differing levels of experience. The goal is that each person should come away with an understanding of the concept. The challenge, of course, is in tailoring the explanation to each individual.

Kasthuri starts with a 5-year-old, going for the basics. It's fascinating to watch as he then repeats the process, adapting on the fly, for a 13-year-old, a college student (who studies science), a neuroscience grad student, and a practicing neuroscientist.

There are two reasons to watch this video. First, it's instructive to watch how Kasthuri models his audience's mind and adapts his discussion to fit. Second, you get to learn what a connectome is, which is in itself quite cool. Tune in:

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