Former Castle of Guinness Beer Heiress for Sale in Ireland

Walter Pfeiffer // Sotheby's International
Walter Pfeiffer // Sotheby's International / Walter Pfeiffer // Sotheby's International

Looking for a venue for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities? The former castle of a Guinness Beer heiress is now up for sale, according to Sotheby’s International lists the Irish estate at nearly $30 million.

The "Luggala" mansion has stood for centuries, but its heyday came in the mid 20th century. Ernest Guinness, the great-great-grandson of the beer company’s founder, gave the castle as a wedding gift to his daughter Oonagh, Lady Oranmore and Browne, in 1937. During her occupation, the house was the site of scandalous partying, drama, and tragedy.

That period in the property’s history was so notorious that it became the subject of a 2012 book titled Luggala Days: The Story of a Guinness House. In it, author Robert O’Byrne writes, "Guests were invited for drinks or dinner, only to emerge several days later blinking at the harsh light of the ordinary world, aware that during that lost period of time they had enjoyed themselves immensely without necessarily being clear about the details of how or why, or even with whom." Some notable houseguests included Michael Jackson, Bono, and the Rolling Stones.

The gothic castle survived decades of debauchery and managed to retain its 18th-century charm. The 5000-acre property comprises seven lodges and cottages, gardens, a guest house, and a seven-bedroom main structure. And if the new owners feel inspired to make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Guinness beer, Dublin is within driving distance.

Antonio Martinelli // Sotheby's International

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Antonio Martinelli // Sotheby's International

Antonio Martinelli // Sotheby's International