This Spirited Away Piggy Bank Gobbles Up Your Change

Donguri Sora
Donguri Sora / Donguri Sora
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You can now celebrate the classic anime film Spirited Away (2001) with a piggy bank based on the movie's most corruptible character, No-Face. In case you don't remember, the traveling spirit gets itself into a mess of trouble after being surrounded by the greed at The Bathhouse. After discovering that a little bit of fake gold can go a long way, the character ends up eating everything there (along with a few employees).

Now you can put No-Face's money grubbing to good use. The adorable piggy bank depicts No-Face in his normal state, but when you slip some coins in the red bowl, the spirit's mouth emerges to devour the offering (anything weighing over 1 ounce will trigger the sensor). The bank even burps after finishing its monetary meal. Along with burping, it also speaks and plays music from the movie.

The bank will hit Donguri Kyowakoku stores in Japan in May, but you can also buy it online. Pre-orders have already begun and you can grab one for 5184 yen (roughly $45).

If you can't cough up the gold (like No-Face) to buy this Ghibli-inspired money holder, consider one of the other coin stealing banks on the market.

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