The Most Popular Food Ideas in Each State, According to Pinterest

Pinterest / Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just a social network—it’s also a virtual cookbook. The image-sharing site contains over 15 billion food ideas, which hungry users peruse for food and drink recipes. To see which meals, snacks, and beverages reign supreme across America, Pinterest’s data scientists looked at which tasty ideas/ingredients are saved the most in each state, in comparison to other states. They broke their findings down in the map below, dubbed the “Foodnited States.”

Some trends were predictable. For example, the mid-Atlantic is obsessed with seafood, with Maryland and Delaware users saving ideas for “scallops” and “crabs,” respectively. Chiles were popular in Arizona, and New Mexico residents craved empanadas. In Illinois, Louisiana, and Tennessee, users pinned regional favorites like wild rice soup, shrimp pasta, and cornbread, respectively. And in wild Alaska, residents saved search results for “survival bread,” otherwise known as hard tack, pilot bread, ship biscuit, or sea bread.

Other states had surprises up their sleeves (or should we say, in their ovens and pantries): For example, Georgia is the birthplace of Coca-Cola, but Arkansas users were the ones pinning ideas for the soft drink, and Pennsylvania users inexplicably saved recipes involving peach schnapps.

Click on the map below to see your state’s top food/drink pick, or visit Pinterest’s blog for links to recipes inspired by their findings.

[h/t The Kitchn]