Torment Your Friends With These 11 April Fools' Day Items

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April Fools' Day is every gullible person's least favorite holiday. Turn your friends into enemies with these devious items.


As if work days aren't hard enough, now your co-workers are going to have to deal with a faulty keyboard—or are they? This USB drive has an unassuming exterior, but it secretly messes with whatever computer it's plugged into. The dials and switches let you decide what new problems will appear: caps lock turning on and off, random mouse movements, strange words and phrases getting typed out, and more. Some things it won't do: Click the mouse button or hit delete.

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These pens all come from fake, humorous locations like "Howie's House of Hair" and "Shecky the Clown." The businesses might not be real, but your victim's confusion will be.

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Lighten up a tense game of golf with a ball that explodes on impact. This four-pack includes the exploding ball, one that ejects a long ribbon, another that jumps when you try to putt it, and one that turns into a watery mist. (On second thought, this might make your fellow players even more frustrated.)

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4. YETI MEAT; $10

Skip that can of Spam and grab a Himalayan delicacy—Yeti meat! Modeled like many other meat cans, this square tin is filled with the foot of the mythical beast that has been evading cryptozoologists for years. Full disclosure—the foot inside is plush, so make sure no one tries to actually eat it.

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You know the frustration of trying to figure out if a jelly bean is cherry or cinnamon? That struggle is about to get way worse when you're trying to determine if a green bean is flavored like lime or lawn clippings. These Bean Boozled beans come with 10 "good" flavors and 10 "bad" flavors that match in color. It's up to chance whether the eater will get coconut or baby wipes.

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In the same vein as terrible tasting jelly beans, you can also surprise your friends with some unexpectedly spicy cotton candy. No one expects the fluffy sugar to have a bite, but this special batch is flavored with jalapeños. The 1-ounce tub offers plenty of hot cotton candy to enjoy once you get used to the unusual sweet and spicy taste.

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7. BABY BEER; $10-$12

This isn't really beer: The bottle is just for show and can hold any baby-friendly beverage you would like. The BPA free, 10 ounce bottle comes in two styles: Lil' Lager and Baby Cerveza. Just don't let them drink and drive their Cozy Coupe.

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The best way to say "I Love You" is with a card that never shuts up. This infuriating card plays annoying music non-stop, forcing the recipient to tear up the card. It's water-resistant and pushing the button only makes the music grow louder, so good luck.

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After enjoying a nice cup of coffee, drinkers will be surprised to find an image of the Virgin Mary at the bottom of their mug. Before he or she starts a bidding war on eBay, kindly let your victim know the porcelain mug is just a ruse.

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This ice tray recreates frozen dentures that can bob in your water glass. The food-safe synthetic rubber tray makes two pairs of false teeth for double the trouble.

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11. FEISTY PETS; $20

You might want to think twice before giving one of these stuffed animals to a kid. The doe-eyed creatures look nice—until a squeeze of the noggin reveals them as blood-thirsty animals with sharp teeth. The scary animal line-up includes a cat, monkey, bear, dog, unicorn, guinea pig, polar bear, or lion.

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