IKEA to Launches Line of Smart Light Bulbs


Smart lightbulbs are one of the most convenient ways to connect your house to the Internet of Things. Just by screwing in a connected bulb, you can use your phone to turn your lights on or off from afar, dim them, or set them to turn on and off automatically at certain times. They can also be expensive. A Philips Hue controller, for instance, costs $50, not including bulbs; a C by GE starter pack of four bulbs runs for $80; and TP-Link’s WiFi bulbs start at $20. Now, IKEA is joining the smart bulb game.

According to engadget, the Swedish home-goods giant is launching Trådfri, a line of smart LEDs with a dedicated app and remotes. The smart home products will be sold online and in stores in the U.S. and UK starting in April.

The Trådfri starter kit costs about $85 and includes two white bulbs that can be controlled with an app on your phone or by a remote. The bulbs—which can be adjusted to shine either warm or cool white light—run between $20 and $25. A wireless sensor kit will also be available for $30.

Unfortunately, IKEA’s system won't be able to connect the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Considering you can get a WiFi bulb from TP-Link that has an app and Alexa voice-control (and soon, Google Home) without having to pay for a hub, it’s not the absolute cheapest smart home choice, but IKEA’s system will come with features like smart LED panels that can be hung on walls or fit into the doors of IKEA's cabinet systems.

[h/t engadget]