Confetti Balloons Are Two Party Decorations in One

KnotandBow / Etsy
KnotandBow / Etsy / KnotandBow / Etsy
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Balloons make a great addition to any party, but isn't it kind of boring how they just float around? Now you can get some balloons that go the extra mile: Confetti balloons are a new trend of party decorations that explode into clouds of color when popped.

The interactive balloons look great even before you pop them. With the help of a little static electricity, the bits of paper and/or plastic cling to the inside of the clear bubbles to provide some multicolored flair. When the party hits its climax, you can burst all the balloons to reveal their sparkly insides. Of course, the cleanup is still going to be a bit of an undertaking, but maybe having some bits of color in your rug isn't so bad. (Or at least that's what you'll tell yourself when you put off vacuuming.)

You can grab these clever balloons anywhere from Etsy, to Perpetual Kid, to Amazon. In some cases, you need to add the confetti yourself using an included funnel, which allows you decide just how much confetti you want in your life. Others, like this one from Knot and Bow, come pre-filled.