Medical Center for New Moms Aims to Treat Postpartum Depression

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Feelings of stress, anxiety, and isolation are common parts of motherhood. For about one in seven new moms, these symptoms cross into postpartum depression territory—a condition that, when left untreated, can make the already challenging process of caring for a baby feel impossible. Options for women in the New York City area suffering from this disorder just got a little better. As Fast Company reports, the newly opened Motherhood Center of New York is the first clinic of its kind in the U.S. providing mental health care to new and expectant moms.

Since March 14, the center has offered a variety of treatments designed to combat perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs). After an initial evaluation, women have the choice to join support groups, get therapy, or attend therapy sessions with their partners. Classes for moms and pregnant women cover topics like childbirth, breastfeeding, and putting babies to sleep. There are also day-long programs for women with especially severe symptoms.

The Motherhood Center of New York was founded by Australia native Billy Ingram. He felt inspired after learning about a program for babies and new moms offered at the Masada Private Hospital in Melbourne. He saw nothing like it in the U.S., so he decided to open his own motherhood facility in New York City.

Postpartum depression hits moms of all backgrounds, but the stigma and lack of resources available can keep them from getting the help they need. The new clinic aims to be accessible to as many women as possible. Busy mothers can drop off their babies at the on-site nursery while receiving treatment. The center eventually hopes to create a nonprofit branch to make it easier for them to cut or reduce rates for low-income and uninsured patients. "We’re committed to getting funding so we can continue to offset costs for people who can’t pay," the center’s medical director Catherine Birndorf told Fast Company.

New patients don’t need a formal referral to make an appointment—just call the Motherhood Center to set up your initial consultation.

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