Albert Einstein is on Facebook, and he’s ready to chat. As a promotion for its new show, Genius, the National Geographic Channel has created an Albert Einstein bot for Facebook Messenger. You can banter back and forth with the theoretical version of the theoretical physicist about life, love, and science—although he’s quick to warn that “I become absent-minded during light conversations that do not involve the physical properties of light.”

Nevertheless, he will tell you all about his long list of lovers and send you plenty of GIFs from the show. The bot is more fun than most—full of puns and pithy quips about relativity, even if they don’t necessarily correspond to what you asked him. (Who doesn’t want to hear a good photon joke?)

Obviously, the whole point of talking to bots on the internet is to try to trip them up, but Albert is unflappable. If you try to lead him off topic, he’ll respond “In any case …” and forge ahead talking about his love of music or his thoughts on monogamy (not pro, in case you were wondering). For instance, he was not down with attempts to talk to him about the equine world:

Just don’t expect him to entertain you for long. He abruptly ended our conversation when he apparently ran out of things to say. “Well, it has been a pleasure, Shaunacy,” he told me. “Remember—Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Goodbye.”

You can’t get away from me that easily, Albert! We’re Facebook friends!