Timothy Mercer

Timothy Mercer currently lives in Dallas, Texas where he is a wine buyer for Cork Fine Wines (corkwines.com). Having a difficult time finding out what it is he wanted to do with his life, Timothy has held many jobs, including pizza cook, telemarketer, dog walker, landscaper, elementary English teacher, oil change specialist, stock boy, and French Pastry chef. He spent one summer working the vacuum hose at a car wash, where he was fired for taking loose change from people's ashtrays to buy beer. Disillusioned with his career prospects, Timothy realized that he didn't want to work at all, so he decided to become an artist. He couldn't paint or draw, and his singing repertoire is limited to throaty renditions of Violent Femmes songs and "Radar Love," which he will gladly perform for you at any Karaoke bar in exchange for a Knob Creek and rocks. It was Timothy's love of words and sitting around that led him to take up writing. His mother has yet to forgive him.

When he is able, Timothy enjoys Couch-Surfing (couchsurfing.com/people/kidkaboom), repairing antique typewriters, and coaxing his friends to drink better wine. Some of his fiction can be found at theburningbook.blogspot.com and soon at REAL: Regarding Arts and Letters (sfasu.edu/real).

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