Tournament of Genius

This spring, we'll be having a little March Madness of our own here at Instead of playing hoops, though, we'll be working to put the title of "History's Greatest Genius" on its rightful owner. To find this singularly great thinker, we're having a single-elimination tournament to settle the debate about humanity's greatest mind once and for all. Is it Albert Einstein? Sir Isaac Newton? Evel Knievel? (Every tournament needs its Cinderellas.) The winner will be crowned on April 6th!

(8) Shigeru Miyamoto vs. (9) Alfred Hitchcock
(4) Mark Twain vs. (13) Yogi Berra
(7) Stephen Colbert vs. (10) J.K. Rowling
(5) Samuel Morse vs. (12) Jonas Salk
(3) Blaise Pascal vs. (14) Robert Venturi
(6) Pythagoras vs. (11) Albert Schweitzer
(2) Plato vs. (15) P.T. Barnum
Colbert Replaces Dickinson in Tournament of Genius
(2) William Shakespeare vs. (15) Matt Drudge
(7) General MacArthur vs. (10) Colonel Sanders
(6) Walt Disney vs. (11) Hugh Hefner
(3) Louis Pasteur vs. (14) John Hodgman
(5) James Joyce vs. (12) Bill Simmons
(4) Beethoven vs. (13) The RZA
(8) Bill Gates vs. (9) Steve Jobs
(1) Sir Isaac Newton vs. (16) Gottfried Leibniz
Play-In Game: Paris Hilton vs. Edward McSweegan


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