Erik Sass

Erik Sass is the author of The Mental Floss History of the United States and co-author with Steve Wiegand of The Mental Floss History of the World, both of which you should go buy right now. When he’s not writing about historical curiosities for mental_floss, he covers online and traditional media for MediaPost. His interests include water gardens, games of strategy, geography, and cats.

WWI Centennial: “The War to End All Wars”
WWI Centennial: Bloodbath at Liège
WWI Centennial: Britain Declares War on Germany
WWI Centennial: France Mobilizes, Germany Declares War on Russia
WWI Centennial: The Opening Shots of The Great War
WWI Centennial: Austria-Hungary Declares War on Serbia
WWI Centennial: Austria-Hungary Rejects Serbia’s Response
WWI Centennial: “This Is the European War!”
WWI Centennial: To the Cliff's Edge
WWI Centennial: Missed Signals
WWI Centennial: “A Leap In The Dark”
WWI Centennial: The Ultimatum Plan
WWI Centennial: Germany Gives Austria-Hungary a “Blank Check”
WWI Centennial: Austrians Decide on War With Serbia
Today in History: Archduke Ferdinand Is Murdered in Sarajevo
WWI Centennial: The Archduke’s Final Days
14 Reasons World War I Happened (And Four Things That Could Have Stopped It)
WWI Centennial: Franz Ferdinand Wants Peace in the Balkans
WWI Centennial: Crisis In France Over Military Service Law
WWI Centennial: “Militarism Run Stark Mad”
WWI Centennial: Irish Troubles
WWI Centennial: “The Balkans for the Balkan Peoples”
WWI Centennial: Moltke Calls for War Without Delay
WWI Centennial: Assassins Prepare Amid Rumors of Serbian Coup
WWI Centennial: French Finalize War Plan with Fatal Flaws
WWI Centennial: French Cheer British Royals on State Visit
WWI Centennial: Serbian Government Fears Military Coup
World War I Centennial: Russia Pursues Naval Treaty with Britain
World War I Centennial: Tampico Incident Brings U.S., Mexico to Brink of War
World War I Centennial: Plotters Decide to Kill the Archduke
Two More Casualties of World War I in Belgium
World War I Centennial: A Spectacular Murder Rocks France
World War I Centennial: Mixed Messages from Italy
World War I Centennial: German Newspapers Beat the War Drums
World War I Centennial: Russians Plot Attack on Constantinople (In a Few Years)
World War I Centennial: The Archduke Seals His Own Doom
World War I Centennial: Origins of the Armenian Genocide
World War I Centennial: Russian Tsar Vows “We Shall Do Everything” for Serbia
World War I Centennial: The Balkan Chess Game
In 1914, Hitler Was Arrested for Dodging the Austrian Draft
World War I Centennial: Russians Weigh War Against Turkey
World War I Centennial: The Conspiracy Forms
World War I Centennial: France Sends Anti-German Ambassador to Russia
World War I Centennial: British Back Russians on von Sanders
World War I Centennial: German Government Rocked by Anti-Militarism Protests
World War I Centennial: Russia Tries to Enlist British Help Against Germany
World War I Centennial: Russians Cry Foul on von Sanders Mission
World War I Centennial: Kaiser Warns Belgian King that War is Inevitable
World War I Centennial: Serbs Back Down, But Kaiser Warns of Coming Race War
World War I Centennial: Ford Introduces Assembly Line


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