Stassa Edwards

Stassa Edwards is a writer based in Miami. Her essays have appeared in Aeon, Lapham's Quarterly, Cabinet Quarterly, Atlas Obscura and the Public Domain Review.

Photograph of Jefferson Davis in Women’s Clothing
Show & Tell: A 17th Century Toilet Pendant
Show & Tell: A Deer Tooth Amulet From Germany
Show & Tell: Seven Sutherland Sisters’ Hair Grower
Show & Tell: Chinese Snuff Bottles From the End of an Era
Show & Tell: Portrait of Sophie Blanchard, Famous 19th Century Female Balloonist
Show & Tell: A 17th Century Birthing Plate
Show & Tell: 'A Study in Butter'
Show & Tell: A "Speaking" Arm Reliquary of Saint Pantaleon
Show & Tell: Artificial Hand by Ambroise Paré
Show & Tell: Caricature of the Chevalier D'Eon a.k.a. Mademoiselle de Beaumont


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