America's Favorite Junk Food, Mapped by State

Sour Patch Kids are the most popular junk food by state, followed closely by Kit Kat and animal crackers. Take a look at the map below to see which snack brand your home state prefers.
Map showing the top junk food by state.
Map showing the top junk food by state. /

Junk food is a part of American cuisine that transcends state lines. No matter which region of the country you grew up in, you’re likely familiar with snack brands like Oreo, Ruffles, and M&Ms. These processed treats are widely available throughout the U.S., but that doesn’t mean they’re equally beloved everywhere you go. To see which junk food your state prefers, check out the map above. 

The research and analytics team at put together this graphic using data from Google Trends. They measured the search volume of 32 popular snacks and candies by state, looking at a year’s worth of trends going back to July 17, 2022. 

Sour Patch Kids came out on top, dominating searches in seven states; Arizona, California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and North Carolina all have a taste for the sour candy, based on Google statistics. Animal crackers and Kit Kat bars are tied for second place. Despite their retro reputation and 200-year-old history, animal crackers are still the most popular junk food in Maine, Missouri, Vermont, and West Virginia. Kit Kats are preferred in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and New York. Take a closer look at an enlarged version of the map here to see how Skittles, Pringles, and other snacks rank across the country. 

Heavily processed foods became ubiquitous in America over the last century or so, but the history of many of your favorite snacks goes back further than you may assume. You can learn more about the origins of Twinkies, Lay’s, and other junk food brands here.