12 Fun Pool Toys and Games Under $40 That the Whole Family Will Love

Make a splash at your next pool party with these toys and games.
Make a splash at your next pool party with these toys and games. / Jasonwell/Amazon
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Whether you love diving into the deep end or playing Marco Polo in the shallow area, pools are the place to be come summertime. But if you really want to make a splash this season (and keep things interesting during the next heat wave), you might want to consider tossing a few new toys and family-friendly games into the mix.

From water-safe playing cards to inflatable volleyball nets and everything in between, we’ve got 12 of the most fun pool accessories under $40 that are worth getting pruney skin over.

1. Intex Pool Volleyball Game; $10

People playing an Intex volleyball game in a pool
Intex pool volleyball game / Intex/Amazon

Volleyball is one of the all-time greatest summer pastimes, and now you can play your next round right in the pool with this inflatable net. At 94 inches wide (or just under 8 feet), it will fit most in-ground pools, and it comes with a matching volleyball, anchor bags on each end so it won’t float away, and a repair patch in case the net ever gets a hole in it. 

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2. Swimline Game Station Set with Waterproof Playing Cards; $40

People sitting in a pool with a Game Station Set and Waterproof Playing Cards
Game Station Set with Waterproof Playing Cards / Swimline/Amazon

Have your next card game out on the water with this game station, which gives you a dry surface to deal out hands of poker or blackjack. It comes with waterproof cards as well as two inflatable sling seats with built-in drink holders. Tired of cards? Flip the game table over and play checkers instead. You don’t have to worry about accidentally drifting off when it’s not your turn, either—the chairs have bungee ties that keep them connected to the table. 

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3. UNO Splash; $10

People sitting on a towel playing UNO Splash
UNO Splash / Mattel/Amazon

Why stop at traditional card games with your new floating game station? The cards in UNO Splash are see-through and completely waterproof, so it's no big deal if you toss some cards into the deep end during a heated game. The cards also have a hole punched into the corner, so you can carry them with the included clip.

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4. LOVEYIKOAI Inflatable Battle Logs, Set of 4; $24

People in a pool using the Inflatable Battle Logs
Inflatable Battle Logs / BAXIA/Amazon

Channel your inner lumberjack—and challenge your poolmates—with this set of inflatable logs. Once you're ready to do battle, jump on the logs, grab the included jousting lances (also inflatable), and start pummeling your opponent. First person to knock their competitor into the water wins.

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5. GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game; From $35

Kid in a pool dunking a basketball into a Splash Hoop 360
Splash Hoop 360 / GoSports/Amazon

Instead of doing slam dunks on a basketball court, take your skills to the swimming pool with this floating hoop, which comes in red or blue and includes two water-friendly basketballs and a pump. Assembling the hoop takes just a few minutes (all you have to do is attach the net to three poles that stick into the floating ring) and then you'll be ready to score. 

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6. Watermelon Ball; $25

Two men swimming underwater in a pool trying to reach for a Watermelon Ball
Watermelon Ball / Watermelon Ball/Amazon

This ball might look like a watermelon, but it's actually your ticket to all kinds of awesome activities. It's designed to be filled with water and comes with an adapter that attaches to your garden hose. Once filled, the ball acts like a watermelon in water, sinking to the bottom and then slowly floating to the surface. You can use it to dribble underwater, play soccer or kickball in the pool, and live out whatever other kinds of fun-filled scenarios you can dream up.

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7. Poolmaster Toss 'N' Splash; $18

Two kids playing with a Toss 'N' Splash in a pool
Toss 'N' Splash / Poolmaster Inc./Amazon

Test your throwing skills with a fun round of floating Toss 'N' Splash. The set comes with 10 balls and a 27-inch-wide inflatable circular bullseye with nine built-in holes to aim for. The targets are worth different values, so you can earn anywhere from 10 to 50 points depending on how well you can hurl things. 

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8. Prime Time Toys Water Blaster Set, Pack of 6; $23

Two kids squirting Water Blasters in a pool
Water Blasters / Prime Time Toys LLC/Amazon

Relive some of your favorite childhood memories with a good old-fashioned water fight. But this time around, pull from this pack of six blasters to blow the competition out of the water—literally. The colorful toys use the same material as pool noodles and can spray fluid up to 30 feet away. 

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9. Water Sports Swim Thru Rings, Set of 3; $20

Kid swimming underwater in a pool trough three swimming rings
Swim Thru Rings / Water Sports LLC/Amazon

Design an underwater obstacle course for you and your family with this set of three swimming rings. Each one inflates to a diameter of 31 inches and has an air chamber at the top that allows you to adjust the depth of the ring. The rings can even collapse for easy storage when you’re done for the day.

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10. ROYPOUTA Inflatable Floating Cornhole Game with Bean Bags; $40

Four people in a pool playing with an Inflatable Cornhole set
Inflatable Cornhole / Sunshine/Amazon

Cornhole is a beloved backyard game usually reserved for playing on a patio or in the grass. But this versatile set, which comes with two inflatable boards and eight bean bags, can be enjoyed either on land or in the pool. Each board is equipped with grommets so it can be anchored to the sides of the pool. Thankfully the cornhole pockets are closed off so you'll only have to worry about diving underwater to collect bean bags if they've bounced off or missed their target.

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11. Jasonwell Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss; $17

People in a pool throwing rings onto a Jasonwell Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss which is also carrying drinks
Jasonwell Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss / Jasonwell/Amazon

Turn a classic game of ring toss on its head with this two-in-one aerated cactus that also functions as a floating drink holder. Everyone can take a turn at chucking one of the included six rings at its arms. Those who don’t want to play can still grab an ice-cold beverage from the holder section as it sails by. 

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12. KIRALUMI LED Light Beach Ball; $17

Four LED Beach Balls floating on a pool surface next to umbrellas and palm trees
LED Beach Ball / Changying/Amazon

Useful as both a pool toy and chic decor, this waterproof LED beach ball comes with a remote control (effective up to 100 feet away) that lets you choose from 16 color options, four effect modes, and five brightness levels. Nab a few to keep the vibes going at your pool party all night long.

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