11 Odd Old-Timey Easter Cards

The egg men cometh.
The egg men cometh. / TuckDB // Public Domain

Easter candy tends to steal the show each spring, as people love to bite into a squishy PEEP, test Jelly Belly's weird and wonderful flavors, or argue about the proper way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny. But if you're looking to sneak something strange and unconventional into someone's basket of goodies, check out these unusual vintage cards.

1. Busy Bunnies

babies hatching from eggs while rabbits take pictures
Circa 1904. / TuckDB // Public Domain

Between hatching so many babies and taking their picture, those rabbits sure had their paws full.

2. An Easter Ride

two children and a rabbit ride a stick horse through the sky
Circa 1906. / TuckDB // Public Domain

Oh, so that's how the Easter Bunny delivers eggs.

3. "Loving Easter Greetings"

two egg people dancing
Circa 1907. / TuckDB // Public Domain

This pair is showing off their most eggcellent dance moves.

4. Eat Up!

struggling rabbit held by boy is fed egg from long spoon held by girl across enormous egg shell
Circa 1906. / TuckDB // Public Domain

Fortunately, force-feeding rabbits a giant spoonful of egg yolk is not actually an Easter tradition.

5. "A Bright and Happy Easter"

egg men surrounding an egg woman while an egg child looks on
Circa 1909. / TuckDB // Public Domain

More like "A Terrifying Easter," with these four egg creatures hanging around.

6. "She's Gone!"

a rabbit cries as his rabbit wife runs away
Circa 1921. / TuckDB // Public Domain

Easter: A time of rebirth, renewal, and ... divorce?

7. "The Happiest Happy Easter"

rabbit juggles for a human family
Circa 1914. / TuckDB // Public Domain

This silly rabbit knows that tricks are indeed for kids.

8. "A Bright and Happy Easter"

portrait of an egg man
Circa 1909. / TuckDB // Public Domain

A hard-boiled egg chauffeur, ready to whisk you away to Easter brunch.

9. Cat's Out of the Egg

large cat emerges from huge egg, three children & two cats dance around the egg
Circa 1904. / TuckDB // Public Domain

A cat-bury egg, if you will.

10. "With Best Easter Wishes"

photo of a girl and a lamb
Circa 1905. / TuckDB // Public Domain

Because every child gives their lamb a piggyback ride for Easter.

11. "To Greet You on Easter Day"

egg mom knits and watches her sleeping egg baby
Circa 1908. / TuckDB // Public Domain

We're not sure what's most disturbing: the mother egg's ears, or her baby's hands and feet.