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These Bestselling Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones Are on Sale for Their Lowest Price of the Year

Shayna Murphy
These wireless headphones are renowned for their noise-canceling abilities.
These wireless headphones are renowned for their noise-canceling abilities. / Bose / Amazon / Toxitz / iStock / Getty Images
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Whether you have a long commute on the train or you work from home, a reliable set of headphones can make or break your day—and not just during those moments when you really want to pump up the volume. Bose is renowned when it comes to headphones, and in recent years, the QuietComfort 35 line has garnered tons of praise among audiophiles for delivering crisp sound, ample battery life, and most importantly, superb noise cancelation.

Now for a limited time, you can get a pair of these top-rated headphones in silver for more than $90 off their usual $349 retail value, bringing the price down to about $257. You can also get a pair in black for $296, saving you about $53. Though this is still a big investment, this is the lowest price we've seen on the QC 35s all year; the last time they were marked down by this much was in December 2021, and that was the only time we saw them substantially drop in cost throughout all of 2021. In short, discounts like this on the QC 35s don't come around often, so when they do, it's a big deal.

Woman spray painting a wall while wearing Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones.
Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones / Bose / Amazon

With the Bose QC 35 Series II wireless headphones, you're getting top-notch noise cancelation, so you can tune out the background volume and focus on what matters most, whether it be a new podcast, your favorite music, or listening along during a Zoom meeting. You can adjust this, choosing between three unique settings via a side button or through the brand's custom app for the precise amount of noise cancelation you'd prefer. Because these 4.7-star-rated headphones are also Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with Alexa, you'll be able to access new songs, programs, and more with total convenience (and without having to scroll through your phone). There's even a built-in, dual microphone system, so you can answer calls and get super-clear sound and voice pick-up with these, and they offer IPX4 water resistance, meaning they won't get ruined if you happen to accidentally splash a little water on them.

Nearly 60,000 Amazon shoppers have tried these lightweight Bose QC 35 II headphones, and many laud their superior audio quality and the noise-cancelation functionality. "I cannot live without out my Bose QC 35 II's (even considering a second one to keep at work). It is empowering to put these on and all the noise pollution just goes away," one customer wrote. Many rave about the battery life, too. According to the brand, they're good for up to 20 hours of wireless play time, and you can get up to 40 hours if you use them in wired mode, which you can do by plugging in the audio cable that's included in the box. "Battery life is extremely good," another reviewer wrote. "I can go an entire week without having to charge the headset. It comes with an 1/8[-inch] cable that will allow you to listen to music even when the batteries are dead."

Grab the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II wireless headphones today on Amazon for more than $90 off their usual price, or consider checking out the all new QuietComfort 45 wireless headphones ($329), which are an upgraded version of the QC 35s, offering even clearer noise cancelation and high-fidelity audio, plus up to 24 hours of wireless play time.