Can You Spot Santa’s Hidden Presents in This Holiday Brainteaser?

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Start searching! / Furniturebox

No matter your age, it can be hard to resist snooping for gifts around the holidays. This is especially true if the members of your household use the same hiding spots year after year. If you want to get your present-hunting fix without stirring up holiday drama, check out the brainteaser above.

This hidden-image puzzle from Furniturebox depicts a cozy Christmas scene. A living room has been decked out with a wreath, boughs of holly, and a tree with all the trimmings. You can even spot Santa riding his sleigh outside the window fresh off a delivery. The only things missing from the tableau are the presents—but if you look closely you’ll find several of them hidden around the room.

This may be more challenging than the holiday brainteasers you’ve done in the past. While most hidden-image puzzles hide one object for people to find, this picture contains six. The presents in the room are all small and concealed in some way, making them easy to miss. According to Furniturebox, the average time to find all six gifts is 90 seconds. Set your clock before examining the image above and see if you can beat it. Here’s a simpler holiday-themed puzzle to try if this one gives you a headache right away.

If you’re struggling to spot the presents, you can check the answers in the key at the bottom of the article. Hopefully this satisfies your urge to snoop until the holidays arrive.

Answers to Christmas present hidden image puzzle.
We hope your actual gifts are easier to find. / Furniturebox