This Pan Can Replace Eight Pieces of Cookware in Your Kitchen

Dual Pan
Dual Pan / Dual Pan/Kickstarter
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When it comes to kitchen storage space, every inch is precious. Gadgets and tools with more than one function can save you time, space, and money. And with this new piece of kitchenware over on Kickstarter, you can replace eight tools with one pan.

The Dual Pan has two lightweight, naturally nonstick aluminum cooking grill plates attached by a hinge that closes, thanks to the locking handles. The pan lets you grill, fry, roast, toast, steam, bake, sauté, and more.

With this pan’s design, you can get more out of it than traditional alternatives. The locking mechanism lets you steam and bake food without creating a mess or letting moisture escape. You can also easily flip food like pancakes and sandwiches, and the cooking surface is ideal for toasting bread and braising meats.

The famous Always Pan from Our Place also claims to replace eight cookware pieces, but some of those are more minor things like a spoon rest or spatula. In comparison, the Dual Pan features more cooking abilities, especially with the addition of the grill.

Two Dual Pans from Kickstarter standing on a table.
Dual Pan / Dual Pan/Kickstarter

This Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $25,000 from just 157 backers, exceeding its goal of $7252. But there's still time to show your support for this kitchen tool by contributing to one of the project’s tiers. Each level lets you get either one, two, or three Dual Pans.

The tiers each have an Early Bird special that enables you to save more for the same product, but they’re in limited supply. Right now, if you contribute $149, you can still get one of the last six Early Bird spots for a single Dual Pan. If you miss this opportunity, you can contribute $174 for a Dual Pan. For two Dual Pans, you can contribute $279 to get one of the remaining 39 Early Bird spots, or pay $333 if they’ve been taken. All the Early Bird spots are still available for the bundle of three Dual Pans, so you can contribute $399 and save $77 while supplies last. You can also add on gloves, aprons, tea towels, and silicone pot handles.

Check out the Dual Pan on Kickstarter now before the campaign ends on Saturday, April 2.