20 Once-Popular Baby Names Now At Risk of Disappearing

Today's kindergarten rosters look a lot different than they did a few decades ago.
Babies named Blake, Amanda, and Aiden will be rare in 2024.
Babies named Blake, Amanda, and Aiden will be rare in 2024. / d3sign/Moment/Getty Images

Though they’re meant to last a lifetime, baby names go through trend cycles. Names that were relegated to Jane Austen novels 20 years ago are common in kindergarten classrooms today. If you haven’t checked the Social Security Administration’s name registry in recent years, you may be surprised to learn that many popular adult names are at risk of disappearing from new birth certificates. According to BabyCenter, these are the baby names that saw the most dramatic declines last year.

The pregnancy and parenting site looked at user-submitted data to compile their lists of the baby boy and girl names at high risk of extinction in 2024. As more Millennials have children, many of them are shying away from names that were popular in their own classrooms several decades ago. 

Brooke has taken the sharpest dip of the names on both lists, falling 198 spots between 2022 and 2023. Also on the girls’ side of things, Blake was down 185 places last year and Mckenzie fell by 184. Brooklynn, Charli, and Raegan have also fallen out of favor with parents in the past year.

The list of boys name on the decline include a mix of old-school classics and names that just recently took off in the U.S. Julius is free-falling the fastest, having lost 189 places year over year. It’s followed by two more J names: Jaiden, which fell 151 spots last year, and Johnny, which fell by 150.

Baby naming trends can be hard to predict. Many names that would have been considered old-fashioned 20 years ago are dominating new baby name lists today. After reading the full lists of boys’ and girls’ names at risk of dying out in 2024 below, you can compare them to a recent list of the most popular names here.

10 Baby Girl Names That Could Disappear in 2024

  1. Brooke
  2. Blake
  3. Mckenzie
  4. Brooklynn
  5. Charli
  6. Raegan
  7. Mckenna
  8. Finley
  9. Amanda
  10. Michelle

10 Baby Boy Names That Could Disappear in 2024

  1. Julius
  2. Jaiden
  3. Johnny
  4. Raiden
  5. Reid
  6. Brady
  7. Nasir
  8. Ronan
  9. Bradley
  10. Clayton