Finland’s Happiness Masterclass Is a Free 4-Day Trip to a Luxury Resort—Here’s How to Apply

Kayaking on Finland's Lake Saimaa.
Kayaking on Finland's Lake Saimaa. / Mikko Nikkinen/Visit Finland

Every year for the last six, the World Happiness Report has determined that Finland is the happiest country of all. Fortunately, the Nordic locale doesn’t think you need to be Finnish or even live in Finland in order to be as happy as its residents reportedly are.

“The Finnish state of mind is not a closely guarded secret or a mystical ability Finns are born with. On the contrary, it can be shared: Finnish happiness is a skill. A skill that can be taught,” tourism organization Visit Finland explained in a post.

northern lights over lake saimaa
The Northern Lights over Lake Saimaa. / Petri Jauhiainen/Vastavalo

As Smithsonian reports, Visit Finland has created a new “Masterclass of Happiness” to help people learn that skill. Ten lucky applicants will attend a four-day, all-expenses-paid retreat at Kuru Resort, a private luxury resort near Lake Saimaa. While there, they’ll try to unlock their “inner Finn” through “nature crafts, food for the soul and body, exercise in forests and lakes, calming sounds and music and the Finnish way of life in general.”

kuru resort villa overlooking forest in finland
Kuru Resort. / Julia Kivelä/Kuru Resort

To be considered for the opportunity, you first need to fill out a form that asks for some personal information, including either your Instagram or TikTok username (which must be a public account). You don’t have to be a social media influencer, but you will have to be comfortable posting on social media in order to complete the second part of the application: sharing original content that illustrates “what things make you believe you may secretly be a Finn” and explains why you’re interested in the masterclass. You’ll also need to be free from June 11 through June 16, 2023, when the trip takes place (there’s one day allotted for travel on each side of the retreat). The application will close on April 2; you can learn more here.

Your dreams of achieving Finnish-level happiness won’t be dashed if you’re not chosen: The masterclass will also be published online during the summer. (Though you’ll have to supply the stunning natural vistas yourself.)

[h/t Smithsonian]