Spot the Hidden Gift in This Valentine’s Day Brainteaser

If you're procrastinating buying a gift for your Valentine, try finding the gift hidden in this romantic brainteaser. It takes the average person 1 minute and 50 seconds to spot the present. Can you beat that time?
Put your eye for picking out gifts to the test.
Put your eye for picking out gifts to the test. / Getting Personal

Whether you like to express your love through flowers, chocolates, or poetry written on pink construction paper, gifts are a major part of Valentine’s Day. If you’re still shopping for your sweetheart, study this brainteaser for some last-minute inspiration. Tucked among the hearts, cards, and candies is a secret gift box wrapped in a bow. Get into the romantic spirit by challenging yourself to spot the hidden image. 

Valentine's Day brainteaser.
Getting Personal

Getting Personal released this visual puzzle ahead of Valentine’s Day. The image features a bow-and-arrow-wielding Cupid, heart-shaped balloons, chocolate-covered strawberries, two glasses of champagne, and an overflowing candy jar labeled “To my Valentine.” Whoever set up the display also hid a surprise gift for their Valentine; look closely for a tiny box wrapped in heart-printed wrapping paper with a red ribbon. 

According to the online store that made the puzzle, it takes the average person 1 minute and 50 seconds to find the hidden present. Only the top 5 percent of people were able to identify the object in 10 seconds or less. Set a timer and see if you can beat that time. If not, you can still challenge yourself to do better than average by spotting it under 2 minutes. 

Still struggling to find the present after a couple minutes of searching? You can find the solution to the brainteaser in the picture at the bottom of the article. Here’s hoping you have an easier time finding a gift for the special someone in your life before Valentine’s Day this year.

Solution to Valentine's Day brainteaser.
Getting Personal