Save Up to 32 Percent on Igloo Coolers and Enjoy Ice-cold Drinks All Summer Long

Elaine Selna
Summer season? More like cooler season.
Summer season? More like cooler season. / Igloo/Amazon
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There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cold beverage on a hot summer’s day. Igloo coolers make it easier to bring this experience with you whether you’re headed to the beach, mountains, or on a road trip. What’s even better is that Amazon is currently offering discounts on select models of the famous coolers just ahead of the season.

Through the site, you can save up to 32 percent on certain Igloo coolers. The first one included in this deal is the 5-quart Igloo Legend cooler, priced initially at $23 but now marked down to $16. Looking for a medium-sized cooler? You’ll want the 48-quart Igloo Island Breeze cooler, on sale for $35, so you'll save $11. Lastly, the 60-quart Igloo Profile cooler is now priced from $45, down from $65. However, supplies are limited on this one, so you'll have to act fast.

These coolers are all hardsided, so you don't need to worry if you accidentally drop one while you're camping out or on a picnic. Additionally, the interiors have the brand's unique Ultratherm insulation, so the contents inside will likely stay colder for longer than if you used another storage solution.

Family walking up a grassy field with an Igloo Profile cooler in tow.
Igloo Profile Cooler / Igloo/Amazon

The Igloo Legend is the smallest option in this sale, but it’s perfect for bringing a small lunch or a few drinks out of the house. The red cooler can hold up to six 12-ounce cans, has a top handle that folds flat, and a lid that can be used as a tray or cup holder.

For those who want to bring more than six drinks with them, the next step up is the Igloo Island Breeze cooler. It can hold up to 76 cans, and unlike the Legend, the Island Breeze has swing-up handles on the sides of the bin for hassle-free portability. It also features a slotted lid, so you can stack things on top without worrying about them sliding off.

Alternatively, if you want even more space at your disposal and don’t want to lift your cooler, the Igloo Profile will suit your needs better because it has two wheels. Though if you do end up having to carry this cooler, there are molded handles on either side. Inside has a 60-quart capacity—enough to hold up to 90 cans. Instead of a foldable handle, it has a telescopic locking one that you can use to pull the cooler like a roller bag. It’s also ideal for stress-free clean-ups because there’s a drain plug at the bottom to let out all the melted ice at the end of the day. The lid offers built-in holders for four cans, so your cooler can act as a table when necessary.

Head over to Amazon to take advantage of these Igloo cooler deals while they're still up for grabs, and before the summer season officially kicks off.