John Carpenter’s 'Halloween' Is Returning to Theaters for, Well, Halloween

Michael Myers will look to carve out some box office gold for himself.
Michael Myers, Halloween enthusiast.
Michael Myers, Halloween enthusiast. / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages

Some 45 years after its original release, John Carpenter’s Halloween has lost virtually none of its potency. The deceptively simple story—masked slasher Michael Myers stalks babysitter Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis)—helped usher in the ‘80s wave of killer franchises. Now, as Bloody Disgusting reports, you can get a chance to see it (and two of its sequels) on the big screen.

Specialty film distributor CineLife Entertainment announced Tuesday that the film will be returning to theaters to commemorate its 45th anniversary, along with 1988’s Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and 1989’s Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. (The franchise currently numbers 12 movies in all, including 2022’s Halloween Ends.)

A publicity still from 1978's 'Halloween' is pictured
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“The iconic Halloween series combines one of the most thrilling and chilling characters in the history of cinema with the Halloween holiday, making a trip to the theaters for these films during this time of year an incredibly awesome experience,” Ryan Freimann, SVP of Trancas International Films and subsidiary Compass International Pictures, said in the release. “Making the re-release of these films a tradition for new fans of the franchise and those who have been with us since the beginning is an honor.”

Halloween was shot in 20 days in the spring of 1978, just months before its October release, and relied heavily on Carpenter’s grasp of suspense rather than a lavish production. Shot in California but set in Illinois, the crew used fake leaves; Curtis purchased her own clothes; Carpenter recorded the score in just three days; most famously, the stone-faced Myers mask was a repurposed Captain Kirk disguise.

Halloween is playing in more than 300 theaters nationwide through November. You can check to see if it’s screening near you by going to and plugging in your zip code.