Spurt: The Johnny Cash Mural on an Arkansas Water Tower Is Leaking From an Unfortunate Place

Michael Putland/Getty Images

Nearly two decades after his death, Johnny Cash is making headlines for reasons that have nothing to do with his music. As THV11 reports, an Arkansas water tower branded with Cash's silhouette has been shot, and the location of the leak makes it look like the country singer is taking a leak.

The small town of Kingsland, Arkansas, is best known as the birthplace of Johnny Cash. A water tower sporting the musician's likeness—complete with his red guitar—advertises their claim to fame. If visitors missed the artwork before, they'll definitely notice it now. A bullet hole in Cash's groin area has been gushing municipal water for days.

The identity of the vandal remains a mystery, but their motive seems clear. The expertly positioned shot makes for a hilarious image. And this isn't the first time someone has been tempted to shoot the water tower. According Kingsland mayor Luke Neal, the town faced the same problem in 1993 before Johnny Cash was painted on the tank.

While the perpetrator's intentions may have been playful, the consequences are more serious. Kingsland is currently losing 30,000 gallons of water—or $200 worth—per day. For a small community, those losses can add up fast.

The cost will be even higher when the town drains the tank and repairs the hole later this week. The last time someone shot the tower, they were charged with a felony and a $10,000 fine that helped pay for the damage.

[h/t THV11]