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What's the Kennection? #16

Ken Jennings
Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images; Background: somboon sitthichoptam/iStock via Getty Images
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Welcome to the all-new edition of Kennections, a weekly quiz created by Jeopardy! champion/co-host Ken Jennings. Here's how to play: All five answers to the questions below have something in common. Can you figure it out? (Note: We've given you a hint by showing you how many letters are contained within the answer, but this quiz is not interactive.)

1. In which Canadian province was Alex Trebek born?

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2. According to one of the Big Ten’s most famous fight songs, “Hail! Hail! to” what school, “the champions of the West”?

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3. What Pennsylvania burg is known as “Flagship City” because Oliver Hazard Perry’s famed USS Niagara is usually docked there?

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4. In James Fenimore Cooper’s novel, the violence of what rival tribe leaves Chingachgook as “The Last of the Mohicans”?

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5. What does the ‘S’ stand for in LASC, the largest trial court in the United States?

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