What's the Kennection? #45

Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images; Background: somboon sitthichoptam/iStock via Getty Images
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Welcome to Kennections, a weekly quiz created by Jeopardy! champion/co-host Ken Jennings. Here's how to play: All five answers to the questions below have something in common. Can you figure it out? (Note: We've given you a hint by showing you how many letters are contained within the answer, but this quiz is not interactive.)

1.  What Middle Aramaic word for “son” is often found in Jewish surnames—and coming of age rituals?

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2. What kind of tree is called “very pretty” in Trini Lopez’s signature hit folk song?

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3. Strictly speaking, Big Ben is not the name of an iconic London clock tower, but rather of the largest what found within that tower?

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4.  How many players are there on a Quidditch team?

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5. What is the most popular flavor of both Popsicles and Jelly Belly jelly beans? 

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