Can You Solve the 5 Brainteasers in This King Tut Puzzle?

Mental Floss

Howard Carter uncovered King Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922, igniting an obsession with the Egyptian boy king that has lasted decades. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the discovery this November, you can retrace archaeologists’ footsteps in the pyramid puzzle below.

This brainteaser, created for Mental Floss by Michael Rogalski at Eyewash, contains five mini-games waiting to be solved by intrepid adventurers. For your first challenge, start at the top of the pyramid and find a route to transport the scarab talisman to an exit using only the stairs, walkways, and intact ladders.

The second puzzle begins once you’re outside. From there, you must find a clear path to the shipping crate to deposit the scarab. To play the third game, you’ll need to take note of the letters you pass on your way from the tip of the pyramid to the base. Once you’ve collected them all, reverse the order to spell out a name that was familiar to King Tut and undo the mummy’s curse.

The fourth challenge involves deciphering the five cartouches displayed inside the pyramid. The hieroglyphs spell out notable figures and deities from ancient Egypt, and though familiarity with the Egyptian langue isn’t required, fluency in puns helps. For the final puzzle, identify 22 instances of the name TUT hidden throughout the image.

Though it doesn’t require a trek into the Valley of the Kings, solving all five brainteasers is still tricky. If you've been vanquished by King Tut, you can find the answers to the puzzles here.