Attention Kurt Vonnegut Fans: VonnegutFest Is Coming to Indianapolis

Kurt Vonnegut.
Kurt Vonnegut. / Jean-Christian Bourcart/GettyImages

If you’re fanatical about the irreverent work of late author Kurt Vonnegut, who used his wartime experiences to write the celebrated Slaughterhouse-Five, you might want to drop what you’re doing from November 3 through November 12. That’s when VonnegutFest takes place in the writer’s birthplace of Indianapolis, Indiana.

While the town’s Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library has mounted such events before, this year’s version marks the 100th birthday of the author, who died in 2007 at age 84.

“Has there ever been a more important VonnegutFest than this year, Kurt’s 100th birthday?” Julia Whitehead, founder and CEO of the KVML, said in a press release. “Vonnegut gave himself to the world through his honest writing, whimsical art, and sometimes vulgar, always welcome humor. Our VonnegutFest programming highlights his inspirational words and life and provides the local and global community with programs reflecting his relevance today. This is a Vonnegut love fest, and we are hearing from people all over the world who are coming to Indianapolis to celebrate with us.”

Vonnegut-heads will enjoy a variety of programming during the event, including a talk with author and Vonnegut devotee Dara Horn; a lesson in breaking down Vonnegut’s work with Julia Whitehead; a special VonneCon appointment where fans can bring their Vonnegut ephemera; and a special catered centennial gala.

Most events will be held at the KVML at 543 Indiana Avenue, with the gala taking place at the Lucas Estate in nearby Carmel. The museum opened in 2011.