Can You Spot the Matching License Plates in This Brainteaser?

Two of the license plates in this brainteaser have matching IDs. According to the makers, one in five people give up before solving the puzzle.
Two of the plates above have a lot in common.
Two of the plates above have a lot in common. / hoppa

Looking at license plates is a classic roadtrip activity. Even if you are not stuck spending hours in a car, you can still pass the time at home with a different of version of the license plate game. The brainteaser below features something you will never see on the road: two plates with identical IDs. See how long it takes you to spot the perfect matches. 

License plate brainteaser
I spy with my eagle eye ... / hoppa

This visual puzzle comes from hoppa, a transportation comparison site based in the United Kingdom. The yellow UK license plates laid out in the grid each have a seemingly random alphanumeric registration identifier. If you look closely, you’ll notice that two of them aren’t random at all. 

According to the makers, it takes a set of eagle eyes to solve the brainteaser. One in five people who were challenged reportedly gave up before completing the puzzle. The goal is to find the duplicate license plates before 60 seconds are up. Set a timer for yourself and see if you can beat that time. 

Here’s a hint: one half of the pair is located at the bottom of the image. Still feel stumped after a minute of searching? You can find the answer in the solution image at the bottom of the article. 

Besides requiring them to be unique, governments have other rules to keep in mind when assigning license plate numbers. Vanity plates can’t be vulgar or offensive, and a number of motorists have attempted to challenge this protocol. To see the personalized license plates that have been banned in the United States, check out this list.

Answer to license plate brainteaser.
... two matching license plates! / hoppa

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