Surprising Misconceptions About Early Humans

Scientists and historians have long attempted to answer the question of what makes us human. In this episode of "Misconceptions," we're breaking down all sides of the debate.
Cave Paintings / Gonzalo Azumendi via Getty
Cave Paintings / Gonzalo Azumendi via Getty /

Did early human ancestors hunt dinosaurs? Are we actually descended from apes?

Scientists and historians have long debated what makes us human. Why is our species, Homo sapiens, so different compared to our extinct cousins? Anthropologists point to the physiological adaptations that have allowed our species to survive when others died out. But what about our cultural advancements that include everything from cave paintings to Taylor Swift?

In the latest episode of Misconceptions, host Justin Dodd breaks down some common myths about our early human ancestors. From their evolutionary timeline to their alleged cohabitation with dinosaurs, we're covering all things "us."

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