Can You Name All the Cars-Related Movies Referenced in This Image?

Love car movies? This image will put your knowledge to the test.
Love car movies? This image will put your knowledge to the test. / Go Car Credit

Drivers in movies don't have to obey the laws of traffic—or the laws of physics, for that matter. That may explain why cars play a starring role in so many classic films. If you think you know your cinematic vehicles, see how many of them you can spot in the illustration below.

Car movie puzzle.
Lightning McQueen isn't the only character hiding in plain sight. / Go Car Credit

Ahead of the release of Fast X next year, Go Car Credit put together this hidden-image puzzle packed with references to 28 iconic cars from movies. Some rides have fantastical features, like the ability to talk, fly, and travel through time. Others are famous for their cool designs and the unforgettable characters behind the wheel.

Not every hidden image in the brainteaser is a literal vehicle. When scouring the picture, look for props, costumes, and characters from your favorite car-related films. According to Go Car Credit, a test group of 30 people took five minutes on average to complete the challenge. The fastest time to find all 28 references is three minutes. Take a look at the image above and see if you can beat the record.

Still stumped after analyzing every detail? You can find the answers to the puzzle below. And if car films aren't your area of expertise, you may have better luck with this illustration featuring references to 1980s movies.

Answers to car movie puzzle
Stumped? The answers to this puzzle are right here. / Go Car Credit