Dream Job Alert: New Mexico Is Looking for “Professional Bear Huggers”

A black bear cub stunting for the camera.
A black bear cub stunting for the camera. / Paul Kammen/E+/Getty Images

Climbing into a bear den and cuddling whatever cubs you encounter is ill-advised under any circumstances—if you’re a civilian, that is. But for conservation officers in New Mexico’s Department of Game and Fish, it’s just another day at the office.

If that sounds like the type of intrepid career you’d like for yourself, we have good news: They’re hiring. As CNN reports, the Department of Game and Fish announced the job opening on social media with a call for “professional bear huggers,” accompanied by photos of conservation officers holding the cutest bear cubs you could possibly imagine. The post stipulates that the endeavor was “part of a research project,” that “all bears were handled safely under supervision,” and that the department “[does] not recommend crawling into bear dens.”

The gig itself is less of a walk in the park and more of a rigorous hike, so to speak. Per the job listing, conservation officers are responsible for capturing “problem animals,” relocating animals, “[investigating] wildlife damage to crops and property,” patrolling state-owned land “day and night,” and enforcing the state’s regulations, among other duties. In short, it’s an ideal opportunity for people at home in the outdoors.

Applicants are expected to have a Bachelor of Science degree in some relevant field. The department named a bunch of them on its site, but also specified that the acceptable fields aren’t limited to those on the list (which is pretty expansive already, covering everything from biology and environmental science to criminal justice, physics, and psychology).

The application will be open through Thursday, March 30. You can learn more about the job and apply here.

[h/t CNN]