Can You Spot Queen Elizabeth II in This London-Themed Brainteaser?

ICON Printing

During the first weekend in June, the United Kingdom will be celebrating a historic first: a Platinum Jubilee for its long-reigning queen. Queen Elizabeth II has held the throne for 70 years, more time than any monarch in the nation's history. Her decades in the spotlight have made her recognizable far beyond her home country. But even if you're familiar with the queen's iconic look, you may have trouble spotting the illustrated version of her in the brainteaser below.

Queen Elizabeth hidden image puzzle.
ICON Printing

The London-based printing company ICON Printing put together this hidden image search ahead of the queen's Platinum Jubilee next month. It shows the UK capital's top landmarks, including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye.

Tucked in the streets of London is the city's most famous resident. According to ICON Printing, the record for finding the queen is 72 seconds. Take a look at the image above and see if you can beat that time.

The hidden image in this puzzle is elusive, much like the queen in real life (at least since she entered her new phase). If you've been searching for a few minutes without luck, you can check the solution in the picture below. Here are some memorable moments from royal jubilees past to get you excited for the event in June.

Solution to Queen Elizabeth puzzle.
ICON Printing