Ralphie, the 'Demon Dog' Up for Adoption, Now Has T-Shirts Available

Ralphie. / Courtesy of Niagara SPCA

For animal lovers attracted to pets with challenging behavioral issues, Ralphie has become something of a sensation. Last week, the Niagara SPCA in Niagara Falls, New York, put out a solicitation advertising the French bulldog for adoption while admitting “we don’t actually have too many nice things to say” and that Ralphie is “a fire-breathing demon.”

The shelter’s candid description went viral. As of January 27, he’s still up for adoption—and he also has T-shirts.

Ralphie is pictured
Ralphie stretches before his next act of violence. / Courtesy of Niagara SPCA

The Niagara SPCA has offered further updates on Ralphie since their initial Facebook post. Requests for information on Ralphie have come from people in more 40 states, as well as Canada and the EU. They’ve also elaborated on Ralphie’s unique obedience obstacles, which may have been a consequence of prior homes that failed to set boundaries. Footage shows Ralphie attacking a mop—that’s cleaning up his pee—and behaving aggressively toward a worker trying to retrieve a damaged toy. (Ralphie “is trying to bite their fingers.”) As Ralphie “100 percent is a full jerk,” homes with children and other dogs are unlikely to meet his needs.

Ralphie is pictured
Ralphie contemplates the decisions that have brought him to this point. / Courtesy of Niagara SPCA

“While we've used humor to help make his behaviors more palatable for public consumption, his behaviors are no joke,” the organization wrote. “His only saving grace is he is small and has some obedience training. He really needs a no-nonsense owner. Otherwise, there may be no hope for him. That's why we’re being super picky about his adopter. If you've called and have children or other dogs, you will not be considered for adoption.”

The organization is busy vetting potential homes. Because only one lucky family can adopt Ralphie, the SPCA is offering apparel. A limited-edition T-shirt of Ralphie is $25, with proceeds going to the nonprofit (and benefiting less spiteful pups).

[h/t People]