This Advent Calendar Is Perfect for Tea Lovers

Mark your Christmas countdown one cup at a time.

The Holiday Tea Advent Calendar.
The Holiday Tea Advent Calendar. / Sips by
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A big part of having fun around the holidays is anticipation. While you can use a calendar and a marker to check off the days until Christmas, an Advent calendar is a little more interactive. Normally, they have a little treat for each of the days leading up to December 25. But maybe you don’t want a trinket. Maybe you want tea.

This Holiday Tea Advent calendar available at Sips by is made of cloth and can be hung on the wall, plus it comes with either 12 ($75) or 24 days’ ($150) worth of tea. Each day has a different winter tea flavor earmarked, from gingerbread to seasonal spices, and as a fun bonus, it includes favorites from the Sips by team.

Better: Each day on the calendar comes with four loose-leaf tea bags, so you don’t have to restrict yourself to a single cup.

A woman is pictured using the Holiday Tea Advent Calendar
The Holiday Tea Advent Calendar comes in 12 and 24-day layouts. / Sips by

The calendar itself comes in black or white and is fully reusable, so you can hang it up again next year and stuff it with a fresh assortment of teas. It also rolls up, so you can tote it somewhere else.

Advent is the four-week period leading into December 25. Advent calendars stem from a 19th century German Protestant practice of marking off Advent using candles or chalk on doors. Most modern Advent calendars count up the 24 daysand feature some kind of treat—chocolate, pictures, or Bible verse—behind a paper door. The paper version surged in popularity in America after President Dwight D. Eisenhower was photographed using one with his grandchildren in 1953.

Get your Holiday Tea Advent calendar from Sips by today.