Spot the Sugar Cubes in This Tea-Themed Hidden Object Game

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Scroll down for the full image. / Rainbow Riches Casino

You don’t have to take your tea with sugar (or even drink tea at all) in order to enjoy this hidden object puzzle.

Two sugar cubes are concealed somewhere in the image below, which was created by Rainbow Riches Casino. It apparently only takes people around 46 seconds to spot them, so feel free to start a timer before you begin your search. You can see the answer key on the bottom of this article.

hidden object game: spot the sugar cubes in the tea scene
Not the most orderly afternoon tea. / Rainbow Riches Casino

Earlier this year, Rainbow Riches Casino polled 2000 UK-based participants in order to pinpoint trends among tea drinkers. According to the data, British people average more than three cups of tea per day, and Liverpool residents drink more than most. On the other side of the spectrum is Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, where more than one-fifth of residents drink just one cup a day.

And while the most popular way to take tea is with a splash of milk and a teaspoon of sugar, some people like it on the sweeter side—especially those between the ages of 18 and 24. Almost 3 percent of Newcastle’s population tosses in a whopping six sugars.

As for which biscuit is best dunked in the beverage, the classic digestive—a graham cracker–like wheat cookie—took the top spot, followed by the lighter (in color) and less crumbly rich tea biscuit. The hobnob, which is essentially a crunchy honey oatmeal cookie, came in third.

Of course, a couple thousand people can’t exactly speak for the many millions of tea drinkers in the UK, so don’t assume the tea-related opinions of every British person match the survey results. (George Orwell in particular had some hot takes.)

Answer Key

spot the sugar cubes hidden object game answer key
Once you find one cube, the other is pretty easy to spot. / Rainbow Riches Casino