20 Surprising (and Horrifying) Facts About Pregnancy

If you don’t know what “lightning crotch” is, buckle up for the latest episode of The List Show.

Oscar Wong via Getty
Oscar Wong via Getty /

You’ve heard about the morning sickness and weird cravings, but did you know that pregnant people also have to deal with something called “lightning crotch?” It’s a sudden, sharp pelvic pain. Lightning crotch doesn’t mean labor has started, and it usually isn’t serious. It’s thought to be caused by the fetus’s position within the parent’s body.

Only 4 percent of babies are born on their due date. And pregnancy can cause long-term changes to someone’s body: from shrinking the amount of gray matter in the brain, to causing the pelvis to separate.

In our latest episode of The List Show, we’re covering some surprising—and occasionally horrifying—facts about pregnancy.

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