7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Free of Pet Hair

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While the experience of being a pet parent is truly priceless, it does take a lot of work—including when it comes to keeping your home (mostly) free of fur. Constant cleaning takes time, effort, and energy; however, there are some simple tips and tricks you can implement to make it all a bit easier. So Mental Floss and Roborock have teamed up to share seven ways to keep your home free of pet hair.

1. Cover your furniture. 

If your four-legged friend loves cuddling up on the sofa, it’s worth shelling out the cost of a slipcover—which are available in just about every color, print, and fabric imaginable—to protect your furniture from unwanted pet hair, dander, and debris. Opt for a cover that’s machine-washable and easy to remove for fuss-free cleaning and maintenance. Your couch, and your wallet, will thank you.

2. Keep your pet well-groomed.

Shedding is a way of life for most pets, but there are several ways you can prevent their fur from piling up around the house. Regularly brushing your pet can make an enormous difference in eliminating excess shedding. While exactly what “regularly” means depends on the type and breed of the pet in question (an American Hairless Terrier will shed less than a Chow Chow, for example), in general it’s best to brush your pet at least every few days. Additionally, you’ll also want to establish a solid grooming routine for animals that require more upkeep; be sure to talk to your vet for more insight on how often to get your pet professionally groomed.

3. Employ a robot vacuum … 

"It wasn't me."
"It wasn't me." / Photo courtesy Roborock

Want to cut your cleaning time in half and tackle unwanted pet hair once and for all? Invest in a robot vacuum! These innovative gadgets require minimal effort to operate (read: no need to lug around a heavy stick vacuum—just turn it on and let the device work its magic), and some models are even built with pet owners in mind. 

Roborock’s S7 ($410) is a robo-cleaning game changer, both for its super-charged sonic mop that can scrub as fast as 3000 times per minute and its innovative technology that can detect whether it’s approaching hardwood flooring or carpeting, and seamlessly switch between mop and vacuum mode without you having to lift a finger. If you’re looking for even more automation, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra ($1060)—the company’s newest and smartest gadget yet—offers all of the S7’s capabilities, plus an intelligent docking system that empties, washes, and refills itself, leaving you free to binge-watch your favorite sitcom (again). Plus, both devices have a built-in camera to learn the layout of your home in order to work faster (and know which spots to avoid) and are compatible with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to let you control your vacuum using just your voice.   

4. … And clean your floors every day. 

Nobody wants to vacuum or mop their floors every day, but when you have a pet that sheds, it’s often a necessity—at least it is if you want to keep the dust bunnies at bay. Just a few minutes a day spent cleaning can make a big difference in reducing the amount of pet hair that accumulates (though if you’re using a robot vacuum like the aforementioned Roborock devices, most of the work will be done for you). 

5. Use an air purifier.

Air purifiers are great for trapping debris, dirt, allergens, and pet hair, thus preventing it from flying all over the house. HEPA filters are preferred since they trap more than 99 percent of particles. Just remember that some air purifiers cover more square footage than others, so size does matter. Buying the right air purifier is only half the battle, though: You’ll also need to change the filter every month to ensure it works effectively. If you want to give yourself one less thing to remember, consider purchasing a purifier with an indicator or sensor that notifies you when it’s time to swap out the filter.

6. Wash your bedding weekly.

If you let your pet sleep in your bed, chances are your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets are covered in fur. As such, it’s important to wash your bedding once a week. But before you just pop everything into the washer, take a few minutes to reduce the amount of pet hair that will actually make its way into your washing machine, as it has the potential to cause damage to the machine. For example, give your bedding a quick once-over with a lint roller to reduce the amount of fur covering your bedding. Then, throw everything into the dryer, along with a couple of dryer sheets, for about 10 minutes on low heat—yes, before the wash—in order to soften the fabric and loosen any fur, so that it will make its way into your dryer’s lint trap. 

7. Use anti-static spray.

Anti-static sprays are both easy-to-use and a highly effective way of ridding just about any sort of fabric of pet hair. As the name so aptly suggests, anti-static sprays work by reducing static build-up, thus loosening the fur from whatever fabrics to which they’ve attached themselves. These sprays can be used on just about any fabric, from furniture to drapes to clothes (because most pet owners know the struggle of walking out the door in an outfit covered in pet hair). Once you spray, you’ll notice the pet hairs start to loosen, thus making it easier to remove with a lint roller, brush, or even a piece of tape: Yes, it’s really that simple.

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