Frost on Your Car’s Windshield? An Onion Can Prevent It

This person doesn't know about the onion thing.
This person doesn't know about the onion thing. / AlenaPaulus/E+ via Getty Images

Advocates for safe driving will tell you that being able to see out of your car’s windshield is a high priority before getting behind the wheel. In wintry climates, that can be a little bit of a problem thanks to frost build-up. While a defroster or ice scraper can restore visibility, they can add a few minutes to your commute.

You can, however, take a preventative measure with something you probably have right in your kitchen: an onion.

According to Today, you can cut an onion in half and rub it over your windshield to prevent frost. The onion will leave behind an invisible residue. When water or snow comes in contact with the glass, it will have a harder time forming solid ice.

The same principle applies to wiping your car down with a potato, though you may want to wait until your neighbors are back inside before doing this.

While this is most likely safe on your car’s windshield, you might want to try it on a small test spot first. And take caution when trying other prophylactic measures, like road salt or vinegar: Those can be corrosive and damage the glass, the car’s finish, or both. Warm or boiling water is even worse. You’ll be able to see out of the windshield, but only because it’s shattered.

[h/t Simplemost]