The 10 Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

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There are many benefits to traveling on your own. You can dine, shop, and take midday naps in your hotel room on your own schedule. But visiting an unfamiliar place alone also requires an extra degree of vigilance.

To determine the best destinations for people traveling alone, Bounce analyzed a number of factors, including weather, crime rates, and the quality and quantity of accommodations. Croatia ranks No.1 in their 2023 solo travel study. Whether visitors are looking for outdoor activities on the coast or world-class dining, they’ll find plenty to do in the Balkan nation. Affordable hostels and a high safety rating make the country especially appealing for solitary adventurers.

Europe dominates the list, with the Mediterranean country of Malta coming in second place. The island may be small, but guests won’t be wanting for entertainment during their stay. It boasts 353 attractions per 100,000 people. Slovenia, Portugal, and Iceland round out the top five. You can view the full ranking below.

Choosing your destination carefully is just one element that goes into a successful solo trip. Whether you have a vacation scheduled or you’re in the early planning stages, here are more tips for staying safe when going abroad on your own. 

The 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers

  1. Croatia
  2. Malta
  3. Slovenia
  4. Portugal
  5. Iceland
  6. Greece
  7. Hungary
  8. Spain
  9. Singapore
  10. Israel

[h/t Bounce]