These Are the World’s 10 Largest Airports

Interior of Denver International Airport in Colorado.
Interior of Denver International Airport in Colorado. / David S. Holloway/GettyImages

Navigating a massive airport can be a journey of its own. The most impressive of these travel hubs span dozens of square miles, making them as big as some cities. To see which airports rank among the world’s largest, read the list below.

According to World Population Review, King Fahd International in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is the largest airport by far. It boasts a footprint of roughly 300 square miles. Manhattan in New York City takes up less than 23 square miles, for comparison. Despite its impressive size, the airport is not the busiest in the world, or even in Saudia Arabia. Just 9.7 million travelers pass through King Fahd International each year.

The second biggest airport on the list is Denver International in Colorado. The 53-square-mile facility is home to America’s longest commercial-use runway, a mysterious network of tunnels, and a 32-foot-tall horse statue that killed its creator. In addition to being the largest airport in the U.S., it’s arguably the strangest, and its quirks have fueled numerous conspiracy theories.

The United States is well represented in the ranking. Behind Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth International, Orlando International, and Washington Dulles International take the third, fourth, and fifth spots, respectively. After reading through the list of the biggest airports on Earth, check out the world’s best airports based on customer satisfaction.

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10 Largest Airports in the World

  1. King Fahd International (DMM) // Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  2. Denver International (DEN) // Denver, United States
  3. Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW) // Dallas, United States
  4. Orlando International (MCO) // Orlando, FL, United States
  5. Washington Dulles International (IAD) // Washington D.C., United States
  6. Beijing Daxing International (PKX) // Beijing, China
  7. George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) // Houston, TX, United States
  8. Shanghai Pudong International (PVG) // Shanghai, China
  9. Cairo International (CAI) // Cairo, Egypt
  10. Suvarnabhumi International (BKK) // Bangkok, Thailand

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