You Can Get the Fan-Favorite Always Pan for Its Lowest Price of the Year Right Now

Replace up to eight pieces of cookware with the Always Pan.
Replace up to eight pieces of cookware with the Always Pan. / Our Place
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Foodies, take heed: If you’ve been searching for the perfect holiday gift—either for yourself or for a loved one—your hunt might soon be over. That’s because, for a limited time, Our Place’s ridiculously popular Always Pan (plus a whole lot else) is on sale as part of the brand’s Black Friday sitewide savings event. This isn’t just any discount, either, as this 8-in-1 cookware is now available for its lowest price of the year.

Originally $145, the Always Pan is now on sale for just $95, which means you’ll save $50. This offer, which is one of the best Black Friday kitchen deals we’ve seen thus far, applies to all 11 shades of this 4.5-star-rated kitchen vessel, including bold hues like turmeric (gold yellow), eve (a vivid teal), rosa (berry pink), and more. You’ll also qualify for free shipping, plus free returns within a 100-day trial period window, with your purchase.

As one of the most buzzed-about kitchen items of the last few years, the Always Pan has gotten a lot of attention from influencers, but there’s more to it than mere hype. It’s designed to replace up to eight pieces of old-school cookware, and can fully function as a skillet, saucepan, saucier (essentially just a rounder type of saucepan), fry pan, steamer, and more. In addition to pour spouts, it comes with a built-in spatula rest, so you can finally get rid of that old spoon rest that’s been collecting gunk and upgrade to one that’s far more compact. You also get a nesting steamer basket with each Always Pan, which makes cooking nutritious sides like veggies that much easier.

Periwinkle Perfect Pot from Our Place on a tabletop.
The Perfect Pot is just as versatile as the Always Pan, and could be a stunning addition to your dining table. / Our Place

Aside from what this versatile pick replaces, the actual pan itself is pretty impressive. Made with an aluminum core, it heats up quickly and evenly (akin to a stainless-steel pot or pan) and can be great for searing meats and other types of food, while the nonstick interior makes cleaning up afterward a breeze. Roughly 28,000 Our Place shoppers have given it a try and several have praised it for being lightweight, nonstick, and great for induction stovetops. “It replaces all of my other pans. Beautiful color and nothing sticks to the pan,” one customer wrote. Another, who referred to it as the “Holy Grail of pans” raved, “The Always Pan is nonstick, easy to clean, has a solid feel, and weight. It won’t be overwhelmed by heavier dishes. It’s just so fun to cook with, I couldn’t help but order a few other sets.”

At $95, this is the lowest price the Always Pan has been at all year, which makes it absolutely worth grabbing before prices go back up. But it’s not the only thing at Our Place worth checking out right now. You can save up to 30 percent on everything, including the bestselling Perfect Pot, which was released back in 2021. Originally priced at $165, this pot—like the brand’s flagship item—is designed to replace tried-and-true cookware like your Dutch oven, roasting rack, and stockpot, and comes with a built-in spoon rest. Whether you’re looking to boil, braise, roast, or even bake, the Perfect Pot can help you do it—and now that it’s marked down to $115, you can save $50 on it, too. (And choose from 10 cute colorways, although one—azul blue—is currently sold out.)

Along with these products, there are discounts on tons of new releases from the brand, like this cast iron Always Pan ($105) and ovenware set ($146), as well as bundle deals like this one ($155), which includes the mini Always Pan ($75) and mini Perfect Pot ($85), respectively. Whether you’re searching for good kitchen gifts or want something for yourself that’ll help you trim the number of pots and pans you use on a regular basis, this Our Place Black Friday sale can help you get these coveted pieces for less than you spend any other time during the year.

A version of this article originally published in 2021 and has been updated for 2022.