This At-Home Cocktail Maker Will Make You Feel Like an Expert Bartender

Impress your guests with delicious cocktails without hiring a bartender.
Impress your guests with delicious cocktails without hiring a bartender. / Bartesian
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The call for a classic cocktail can be hard to resist, but going out to bars gets pricey, and trying to combine the perfect amount of different juices, bitters, and liquors all on your own is a tough skill to master. The Bartesian, available on Amazon for $367, can help take the hassle out of homemade cocktails by serving up classic drinks in just a few simple steps.

This bartending gadget works by combining capsules that contain all of the bitters, extracts, and juice concentrates you need for a cocktail with the appropriate amount of your favorite spirits from glass bottles. However, to start, you'll first need to purchase the cocktail capsules of your choice. They range from classics like an old-fashioned and a margarita to less common mix drinks like mint juleps. Each capsule has been mixologist-approved and is dated so you can know the ingredients are fresh. You can choose between sets of six (priced from $15) or 18-packs ($43 and up).

Once your capsules have arrived, pour your preferred liquor—whiskey, rum, tequila, and so forth—into one of the included five glass bottles and screw them into their proper reservoir on the machine. (Vodka and gin occupy the same reservoir, so the machine will double-check that you're using the right one before making a drink with either.)

Now that the device is set up, simply insert the capsule, pick your preferred strength, and press the "mix" button on the Bartesian. It'll then instantly identify your cocktail selection by reading its barcode and the device will automatically draw the correct spirit. By specifying the strength of your drink, you can customize your cocktail for those who want a mocktail or maybe something stronger after work. If you're looking to make the concoction even more authentic, the machine's touchscreen will even suggest the proper glassware for each mixed drink.

When your cocktail is ready, the Bartesian maker will automatically rinse itself after each use. The glass bottles, lids, bar mat, and capsule holder are also dishwasher safe.

Whether you're looking to gift yourself or the cocktail lover in your life, the Bartesian makes mixed drinks easy. Check this gadget out before your next party by heading over to Amazon.

This story was originally published in 2019; it has been updated for 2022.