10 Gifts for the Barbie Lover in Your Life

Whether they’re a Barbie girl (or boy), these delightful gifts will help them celebrate the holiday season in pink—and in style.
It's Barbie's world—and there are plenty of themed gifts to go around.
It's Barbie's world—and there are plenty of themed gifts to go around. / Dragon Glassware; VMP; Walmart; Justin Dodd, Mental Floss (background)
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When Greta Gerwig’s live-action movie Barbie movie was released this summer, it became the biggest hit of the season. The film broke records, raking in $162 million on its opening weekend; it was also crowned the biggest opening weekend in history for a female director.

But you don’t need to be a fan of the movie—or even have to see it—to be a fan of Barbie. She’s been around since 1959, with over a billion dolls sold. Whether you wanted one that could be a chef, a doctor, or just be more reflective of a certain community, there’s literally a Barbie for everyone.

If you know someone who has rediscovered their Barbie appreciation because of the movie or has yet to stop loving the famous doll, be sure to check out our list below, as we’ve collected some of the best gifts you can give the Barbie lover in your life, whether it’s the holiday season or just for an upcoming birthday.

1. Barbie: The Movie Barbie Collectible Doll; $20

Best Barbie gifts: Barbie: The Movie Barbie Collectible Doll
Barbie: The Movie Barbie Collectible Doll / Amazon

For folks whose Barbie flame just got reignited thanks to the 2023 film, you’ll want to gift them this collectible, which is modeled after actress Margot Robbie’s appearance in the flick. Mattel captures her likeness here, including her signature broad grin and dark brows. Much like how Robbie is dressed early in the movie, this doll sports a similar-looking classic pink and white gingham dress, daisy chain necklace, and pink bracelet. It comes in Barbie: The Movie packaging as well, so you may want to consider giving Barbie fans two: one to play with and one to store as a collector’s item. 

Buy it: Amazon

2. Women’s Barbie Cozy Graphic Sweatshirt; $20

Best Barbie gifts: Women's Barbie Cozy Graphic Sweatshirt
Women's Barbie Cozy Graphic Sweatshirt / Target

For those who want to show off their love of America’s favorite doll in a more literal way, this Barbie graphic sweatshirt is a must: It makes the statement that Barbie is all women, and features five blocks of different dolls surrounding a classic logo.

Beyond that, the cozy fleece sweatshirt has a ribbed hem and cuff and is available in sizes from XS to 3XL. It’s also made of a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex, so the material will have a nice stretch. 

Buy it: Target

3. Barbie The Album, VMP Designer Edition; $160

Best Barbie gifts: Barbie The Album, VMP Designer Edition
Barbie The Album, VMP Designer Edition / VMP

If your favorite Barbie collector also enjoys vinyl, they’ll want the VMP designer edition of the Barbie: The Movie soundtrack. It includes hits like Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?,” HAIM’s “Home,” and Dominic Fike’s “Hey Blondie.”

Along with the album, they’ll also receive tons of extras, including a lyrics sheet of the entire record. There is also a signed photo of Ryan Gosling’s Ken and a faux Barbie license that plays Charli XCX’s “Speed Drive.” All the goodies from this collection will come in a sleek handbag you can use to protect against dust and other potential damage. 

Buy it: Vinyl Me Please

4. Barbie 13-Inch Signature Holiday Collector Doll 2023; $45

Best Barbie gifts: Barbie 13-Inch Signature Holiday Collector Doll 2023
Barbie 13-Inch Signature Holiday Collector Doll 2023 / Mattel

The holidays wouldn’t be the same for a Barbie fan without Mattel’s signature doll of the season. This 35th Anniversary Edition Barbie stands 13 inches tall and wears a champagne-colored gown, sure to make her the star at any upcoming festivities.

On top of that, you’ll get the chance to choose from three different skin tones and hairstyles. Each doll is alike in that she has luxurious wavy hair, crimson nails, and crimson lips to match. 

Buy it: Target

5. DefineMe Barbie Perfume; $65

Best Barbie gifts: DefineMe Barbie Perfume
DefineMe Barbie Perfume / DefineMe / Amazon

You can make your giftee feel more like Barbie with this DefineMe perfume. The design alone evokes her aura with its vibrant pink bottle, which is etched with a gold logo. The first spritz of this 3.4-ounce perfume carries fruity notes of strawberry, pomegranate, pomelo, red cherry, and dragonfruit. After the initial scent settles in, there will be middle notes of florals, including rose, gardenia, and pink magnolia. The finale of the perfume carries a refined sandalwood and whipped cream combination. It captures the essence of Barbie’s fresh and bubbly demeanor that we see within the movie. 

Buy it: Amazon

6. Electra Loft Go! Step-Thru Electric Bike; $2000

Best Barbie gifts: Electra Loft Go! Step-Thru Electric Bike
Electra Loft Go! Step-Thru Electric Bike / Electra / REI

Give your favorite Barbie enthusiast a speedy but environmentally friendly way to motor around town with this cloud pink electric bike. When fully charged, it can run for up to four hours, and users can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. For those who travel over rougher roads, they’ll appreciate that the 7-speed bike comes with 700c tread tires, which are typically found with commuter bikes.

Buy it: REI

7. CHI Barbie Travel 3-Piece Value Set; $90

Best Barbie gifts: CHI Barbie Travel 3-Piece Value Set
CHI Barbie Travel 3-Piece Value Set / CHI / JCPenney

Barbie has fabulous hair, and your loved one can channel her ever-flawless ’do with this CHI x Barbie value set, which is inspired in part by this famous Barbie. Inside the vibrant blue, pink, and pea-green travel case is a travel hairdryer with a collapsible handle, plus a hairstyling iron. 

Whether they need it for a quick touch-up or a complete makeover, they will have the essential hairstyling tools to give their hair that Barbie glam factor. The 1400-watt hairdryer is good to use at home or on the road for blowouts. Plus, the ceramic hairstyling iron will help make their hair shiny and ultra-straight, if that’s more their vibe.

Buy it: JCPenney

8. Holiday Create-a-Treat Barbie Cookie Dreamhouse; $40

Best Barbie gifts: Holiday Create-a-Treat Barbie Cookie Dreamhouse
Holiday Create-a-Treat Barbie Cookie Dreamhouse / Create a Treat / Walmart

Many people love to create gingerbread houses during the holidays. This cookie version of the iconic Barbie dreamhouse isn’t bound to strictly the holiday season, which makes it even more fun. Inside this delectable gift, your favorite toy fan will find all the cookies necessary to recreate their version of the doll's pad, as well as decorative candies and pre-made pink, white, and blue icings. 

Best of all, there’s no baking required for this kit. The box also provides clear instructions on assembling Barbie’s edible dreamhouse, so they can easily enjoy the activity and is cute for fans of all ages.

Buy it: Walmart

9. Alex and Ani’s Barbie Movie Necklace; $45

Best Barbie gifts: Alex and Ani’s Barbie Movie Necklace
Alex and Ani’s Barbie Movie Necklace / Alex and Ani’s

Barbie and bling go hand in hand, so this Alex and Ani Barbie movie necklace can be a fantastic gift for jewelry lovers. There are two charms: a Barbie: The Movie logo and a crystallized sun symbol. They don’t need to be a fan of the movie to appreciate this accessory, as the design is also ideal for those who loved Barbie before she hit the big screen. The material is made from nickel-free brass, making it a good option for folks with sensitive skin.

Buy it: Amazon

10. Dragon Glassware x Barbie Tumbler; $20

Best Barbie gifts: Dragon Glassware x Barbie Tumbler
Dragon Glassware x Barbie Tumbler / Dragon Glassware / Mattel

Made of stainless steel, this Barbie-themed tumbler is as practical as it is eye-catching. The design is emblazoned with the Barbie logo and comes with a complementary pink straw; at only 16 ounces, the tumbler isn’t huge, but should certainly be enough for someone to enjoy a plentiful amount of their favorite drink.

Buy it: Amazon