The 10 Best Gifts for Anime Lovers

Bring some holiday cheer to fans of ‘One Piece,’ ‘Naruto,’ and more.
Your favorite anime lover will appreciate these fun items.
Your favorite anime lover will appreciate these fun items. / Amazon
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Japanese animation, or anime, was once considered a niche part of pop culture: Directors like Hayao Miyazaki and movies like Your Name were obscure references. Thanks in part to streaming, which has made imported entertainment easily accessible, anime has exploded in popularity. It’s estimated that in 2021, roughly half of all Netflix subscribers globally watched at least some anime content.

If you have an anime lover, or otaku, on your list this holiday season, there’s no shortage of things to grab. Check out some of these best anime gift ideas.

1. Enno Vatti Anime Scratch-Off Poster; $20

Best anime gifts: Top 100 Anime Scratch Off Poster
Top 100 Anime Scratch Off Poster / Me Time Joy Store / Amazon

Keep track of the best anime to watch with this scratch-off poster, which measures 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches and sports 100 classic anime features and series. Each square can be rubbed off, lotto ticket-style, to reveal a character or iconography from the movie or show.

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2. Onebttl Tumbler; $23

Best anime gifts: Onebttl Tumbler
Onebttl Tumbler / Onebttl / Amazon

Wear your love of anime proudly on this 20-ounce insulated tumbler cup that keeps cold and hot beverages at their ideal temperatures. The stainless steel container also comes with a see-through lid so you know what you’re sipping.

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3. Zerowin Kitty Ears Cap; $14

A kitten ears cap is pictured
Zerowin Kitty Ears Cap / Amazon

Keep warm and go full cat with this charming knit cap that features kitty ears and will surely earn you some compliments at your next anime convention.

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4. The Master Guide to Drawing Anime: Drawing with Christopher Hart; $12

'The Master Guide to Drawing Anime' is pictured
"The Master Guide to Drawing Anime: Drawing with Christopher Hart" / Amazon

If your love of anime extends to creating it, Christopher Hart’s introductory guide to designing characters will prove a highly useful resource. This well-reviewed book offers advice on drawing templates and various anime subgenres.

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5. Fardes Anime Collage Posters; $14

Anime collage posters are pictured
Fardes Anime Collage Posters / Amazon

Cover the walls of your game room or bedroom with this set of 4-inch by 6-inch mini-posters. There are 84 pieces in all, which allows you to create your own design. You can use frames or the included double-sided tape for mounting.

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6. The Anime Chef Cookbook by Nadine Estero; $22

'The Anime Chef Cookbook' is pictured
"The Anime Chef Cookbook" by Nadine Estero / Amazon

Take your love of anime to the kitchen with this 75-recipe cookbook by Nadine Estero that highlights popular dishes from classic anime: strawberry macaron pancakes from Your Name, Dragon Ball Z meat feasts, and more.

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7. UNO Dragon Ball Z Card Game; $8

Best gifts for anime lovers: UNO Dragon Ball Z Card Game
UNO Dragon Ball Z Card Game / Mattel / Amazon

This new twist on the classic card game uses the anime staple Dragon Ball Z. Watch out for the Wild Shenron Wish Card, which can turn the game upside-down in an instant.

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8. Akira 4K Blu-ray; $16

Best gifts for anime lovers: "Akira" 4K Blu-ray
"Akira" 4K Blu-ray / Funimation / Amazon

This classic 1988 anime feature was one of the earliest to capture the attention of fans in the U.S. This 4K version is newly restored, making its brain-melting vision of a future Tokyo all the more compelling.

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9. One Piece Gift Set; $35

Best gifts for anime lovers: One Piece Gift Set
One Piece Gift Set / ABYstyle / Amazon

One Piece is experiencing a new wave of popularity thanks to the live-action Netflix series. This three-piece gift set from ABYstyle features a mug, keychain, and notebook emblazoned with the likeness of hero pirate Monkey D. Luffy.

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10. Naruto Sock Box: $20

The 'Naruto' sock box is pictured
Naruto Sock Box / Amazon

Fans of Naruto can walk off their fandom with this 12-pack of themed socks that fit shoe sizes 8 to 12.

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