12 of the Best Gifts for Bird Lovers

Don’t stress about finding the right gift for the bird lover in your life. Here are some expert picks that birders of any skill level and experience will love.
Buffalo Games Hummingbird Garden Jigsaw Puzzle (left), Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder with Camera
Buffalo Games Hummingbird Garden Jigsaw Puzzle (left), Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder with Camera / Buffalo Games/Amazon (puzzle); Bird Buddy/Amazon (bird feeder); Justin Dodd/Mental Floss (background)
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Bird watching (also known as birding) is one of America’s most popular hobbies, with more than 45 million people taking part each year. Chances are that you know at least a few of them. If bird lovers are on your gifting list this year, look no further than these fun and useful ideas.

1. Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder with Camera; $209

Bird Buddy Smart Feeder with Camera
Bird Buddy Smart Feeder with Camera / Bird Buddy/Amazon

The hottest toy (for birders) of the holiday season is surely the Bird Buddy, a bird-feeder-camera combo that snaps photos of whoever shows up to nibble. The recycled plastic housing contains a solar-powered hi-def camera that automatically captures images of birds when they land on the feeding tray. The included app collects the shots and helps with IDs, too, no matter how goofy the little guys look. 

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2. The Audubon Birdhouse Book; $16

The Audubon Birdhouse Book
The Audubon Birdhouse Book / Cool Springs Press/Amazon

Attracting birds to one’s backyard is an art and a science. With the updated Audubon Birdhouse Book, your giftee can learn how to construct safe nest boxes for more than 20 North American species, some of which—like barn owls and bluebirds—have seen their populations decline because of a lack of suitable nesting sites. The easy-to-follow instructions let even those with minimal woodworking skills create sturdy homes for the feathered kind, and the descriptions offer tips on placement and maintenance so birds won’t be able to resist the new real estate.

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3. Camelbak Hydration Sling Pack; $60

Camelbak Arete Hydration Sling Pack
Camelbak Arete Hydration Sling Pack / Camelbak/Amazon

Your giftee might want to keep a go bag for spur-of-the-moment birding—there’s no telling when a rarity might show up in the neighborhood. The Arete sling pack from Camelbak is lightweight and smaller than a backpack, but it can still hold a pair of binoculars plus a phone, wallet, keys, and some snacks. It comes with one of the brand’s sturdy, leakproof water bottles, but also has a built-in pocket for an optional 1.5-liter hydration reservoir ($29, sold separately). Spiffy colors include marigold (pictured), mint, Indigo bunting, and more.

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4. Quartet of Tropical Bird Prints; $19

Tropical bird prints
Tropical bird prints / YELLOWBIRD ART & DESIGN/Amazon

Got a birding buddy with too many blank walls in their apartment? This set of four vintage-looking prints may be just the ticket. Each 8-inch-by-10-inch print features a colorful tropical bird and foliage that’s ready for framing; they can be hung as a group or in separate rooms to unify their living space.

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5. Bird Is the Word Socks; $12–$13

Men’s (left) and women’s Bird is the Word socks
Men’s (left) and women’s Bird is the Word socks / Socksmith/Amazon

Your gift recipient can show off their love of birds at ankle height in these scientifically accurate socks from Socksmith. The men’s and women’s versions have a print of colorful North American songbirds like cardinals, goldfinches, chickadees, blue jays, and more. The men’s size features an olive-green background; the women’s is gray heather with blue accents.

Buy them: Amazon (men’s), Amazon (women’s)

6. Nocs Provisions Pro Issue 8x42 Waterproof Binoculars; $295

Nocs Provisions Pro Issue Binoculars
Nocs Provisions Pro Issue Binoculars / Nocs Provisions/Amazon

Sturdy, weatherproof, and dare we say hip? Nocs Provisions’s pro-level bins offer an ultra-wide field of view and crisp visuals at a gentle price point, making these a great gift for birders at any stage of experience. The rubberized housing, central focus knob, and twist-up eyecups are user-friendly features, while the cool color options—like Galapagos blue (pictured), persimmon orange, and Alpine green—add a chic touch.

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7. Universal Smartphone Adapter; $25

Universal smartphone adapter for binoculars
Universal smartphone adapter for binoculars / Evil eye/Amazon

If your giftee already owns a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope, this universal smartphone adapter will let them take photos of the magnified images. The lightweight gadget holds a smartphone on one side and clips to the binocular or scope eyepiece with a squeezing mechanism—all the user has to do is line up the phone’s camera lens with the binocular viewer and take the photo. It also works with telescopes and microscopes. 

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8. Hummingbird Garden Jigsaw Puzzle; $19

Buffalo Games Hummingbird Garden Jigsaw Puzzle
Buffalo Games Hummingbird Garden Jigsaw Puzzle / Buffalo Games/Amazon

The technicolor hummers and flowers on this 1000-piece puzzle from Buffalo Games are as vibrant as the real thing, and the hours spent trying to solve this tricky item will surely brighten any post-holiday doldrums.

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9. Fancy Chickens Tea Towel; $19

Cavallini Papers & Co. chickens tea towel
Cavallini Papers & Co. chickens tea towel / Cavallini Papers & Co./Amazon

Let’s say your giftee’s tastes trend toward the domestic—and domesticated. This vintage-style 100-percent cotton tea towel from Cavallini Papers & Co., featuring an array of attractive roosters and hens, is just the thing to accent their home and express their love of fancy fowl.

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10. Jaffa Orange ‘60s-Inspired Bird Print Unisex Sweatshirt; $32

Jaffa Orange ’60s-inspired bird print sweatshirt
Jaffa Orange ’60s-inspired bird print sweatshirt / Jaffa Orange/Amazon

Vaguely recalling the logo from The Partridge Family TV series, this cozy sweatshirt from Jaffa Orange features a bright and bold bird print and comes in royal blue (pictured), navy blue, black, dark gray, and light gray. The cotton-poly blend offers a breathable mid-layer for those chilly days at the wildlife refuge.

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11. Watercolor Feathers Journal; $11

Peter Pauper Press Watercolor Feathers Journal
Peter Pauper Press Watercolor Feathers Journal / Peter Pauper Press/Amazon

The recipient of this pretty journal by Peter Pauper Press, which is adorned with watercolor illustrations of feathers, can keep track of their life list or any other thoughts that take flight. It has 160 lightly lined pages and a slot folder in the back for keeping mementos or ephemera, and it’s priced right for stuffing a stocking.

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12. Tomorrow’s Coffee Premium French Roast Bird-Friendly Coffee; $20

Tomorrow's Coffee bird-friendly shade-grown coffee
Tomorrow's Coffee bird-friendly shade-grown coffee / Tomorrow’s Coffee/Amazon

If there’s a caffeine-craving bird lover on your gift list, consider giving them a pound or two of Tomorrow’s Coffee. It carries the Smithsonian Bird Friendly® certification and meets strict standards for bird conservation and sustainability. That means it’s grown in the shade of Guatemala’s forests, preserving the tree canopy and habitats for migratory birds; the company also partners with farmers to foster fair-trade, organic practices. On top of all that, the brand describes its French roast’s flavor as “medium-bodied, bold and smoky, with wine-like and bittersweet dark chocolate undertones.” 

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