Watch Hans Gruber Plummet to His Death on This Hilarious ‘Die Hard’ Advent Calendar

Later, Hans
Later, Hans / Courtesy of Daniel Brandt of Brandt Builds (formerly Leatherhead Laser Works)
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Advent calendars are a fun way to keep track of how many days are left until Christmas—and consequently, how many days you have left to try and shop for gifts and plan exhausting family gatherings. One potentially good stress-reliever: A Die Hard-themed advent calendar featuring Hans Gruber falling off Nakatomi Plaza, a reminder that your holiday season could always be worse.

The 25-day calendar from artist Daniel Brandt of Brandt Builds (formerly Leatherhead Laser Works) features a mock-up of the business tower that Gruber (Alan Rickman) took over in the 1988 action film. After sparring with John McClane (Bruce Willis) verbally for much of its running time, the two finally have it out on the roof of the building, with Gruber ultimately plummeting to his demise.

'Die Hard' advent calendar in a few different varieties.
You can add a little fun to your Christmas season with one of these advent calendars. / Daniel Brandt of Brandt Builds (formerly Leatherhead Laser Works)

The calendar captures the shocked look of Gruber, which didn’t take much acting on Rickman’s part: The stuntmen working with the actor told him they’d release him so he’d land on an airbag 20 feet below on the count of three. They actually dropped him on one.

The model is 11-inches tall and 4.5-inches wide at the base, and is made of Grade-A birch ply. You can get the calendar for $45 on Brandt’s site; though he tells Mental Floss that his personal website is more affordable for shoppers, you can also find versions with slight imperfections (which are still totally usable) on his Etsy page for $34. It makes a great gift for anyone who considers Die Hard to be a Christmas film, which is pretty much everyone.

Editor’s note: This story has been adjusted from its original version to credit artist Daniel Brandt of Brandt Builds with creating the original ‘Die Hard’ Advent Calendar - Hans Gruber Falling Off Nakatomi Plaza.