These Igloo Coolers Will Help Your Drinks Stay Cold All Summer Long—and Now They’re on Sale

Summer is about to get a little cooler.
Summer is about to get a little cooler. / Igloo / Amazon; Tuomas A. Lehtinen, Moment Collection, Getty Images (background)
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There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cold beverage on a hot summer’s day. Igloo coolers make it easier to bring this experience with you whether you’re headed to the beach, mountains, or on a road trip. What’s even better is that Amazon is currently offering discounts on select models of the famous coolers just ahead of the season.

You can save on both soft- and hard-sided coolers from the brand. For instance, you can grab this 16-can soft-sided cooler bag, normally $30, on sale for $25, so you’ll save about 15 percent. Leak-resistant and fully insulated, this bag also comes with front and back pockets, plus a tent-top compartment that can help keep drinks and snacks at the perfect temperature.

Looking for something bigger and potentially more eye-catching? While no longer on sale, this retro-style, 25-quart cooler is hard-sided and can fit up to 36 cans. It could be a great investment if you have beach days on the horizon and want a durable cooler that’s large enough to lug all your essentials. Although not as roomy, this 11-quart hard-sided cooler is just as cute and you can get it in select shades starting at $49, so you’ll save about 17 percent. As an added perk, this model comes with an adjustable crossbody strap, too, for easier carrying.

Igloo 11-Quart Tag Along Too Strapped Picnic Style Cooler in yellow, surrounded by yellow cans, towel, and a pineapple.
A pop of color to brighten up your next trip. / Igloo / Amazon

For those who want something more heavy-duty—and potentially even more portable—the Igloo Sportsman 30 fits the bill. Normally priced at $166 on Amazon, it’s currently marked down to $130 and has a 110-quart storage capacity, so it can fit roughly 168 cans. Not only that, but this hard-sided model comes with wheels and a telescoping handle, plus a drain plug and fish ruler, so it could be good to bring along for fishing trips. According to the brand, it also offers up to five days of ice retention, meaning food, snacks, and drinks will stay cool for days at a time.

You can also find deals on a few other larger Igloo coolers, like the 70-quart Trailmate Journey in olive green, which has oversized wheels that the brand claims makes it good for transporting over sand. At 70 quarts, it can fit about 112 cans. However, the Trailmate Journey offers a few more bells and whistles—including a telescoping handle, removable butler tray for serving drinks and snacks, and a lockable, water-resistant box with an anti-leak gasket for valuables—that make it well worth its steep $235 price tag.

Head on over to Amazon to take advantage of these Igloo cooler deals, and while you wait for your order to arrive, check out these clever hacks for more ways to stay cool during the summertime.

A version of this story was originally published in 2022 and has been updated for 2023.